Virginia Beach Fishing Report

rock fish

Striper season is open

Virginia’s rockfish season opened October 4th and will remain open until December 31st. Anglers are catching them around bridge pilings, piers and under lights at night.. Regulations allow one fish per angler per day with a 20 inch minimum and a 36 inch maximum length.

spanish mackerel

Spanish Still Biting

Ocean charters are still successfully targeting spanish mackerel and king mackerel. Some nice smoker kings have been weighed at Rudee recently.

Speckled Trout should be available in the local inlets and rivers. Live shrimp are deadly on them if you can get your hands on some, live shrimp are abundant in Bay tributaries right now. Topwater baits or popping corks with fresh soft crab or other fresh cut baits will do the trick. Captain Todd Beck, Knot Wish’n Charters confirmed that trout and redfish are both feeding inside Rudee Inlet. The same should be true for Lynnhaven and Little Creek as well.

The best flounder bite is in the lower Chesapeake Bay and out in the ocean. Spot are still around and make great bait.

Sheepshead catches are still occurring in the the CBBT area.

Anglers have been finding plenty of drum. They  are on the move and there’s been a good run in the surf along Sandbridge.

sea bass

Nice Black Sea Bass on the wrecks

Crews fishing the Triangle wreck area are catching lots of sea bass and trigger fish.


Nice Tilefish On the head boats!

The deep-water anglers are doing well on tilefish and seabass. The Rudee Tours Head Boats are running full day, 12-hour sea bass and 17 hour deep dropping trips. Most are either sold out or close to it. If you want to get in on the action call them ASAP.

deep drop fishing

Nice deep drop catch on the High Hopes!

An alert to mariners has been posted for Rudee Inlet due to serious shoaling conditions, based on a City of Virginia Beach survey, dated October 05, 2021. The survey indicates shoaling in the channel from the east end of the South jetty extending approximately 100 feet eastward. Conditions reported are least depth at 6.1 feet mean lower low water. Shoaling has been identified along the south side of the channel extending approximately 250 feet westward from the east end of the short jetty. Conditions reported are least depths at 5.0 feet mean lower low water. Mariners are urged to exhibit extreme caution when approaching this area.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Frank Marble, Sandbridge

As October rolls in the big red drum start rolling out. Look for large schools on the surface exiting the Bay. Anglers surf fishing along Sandbridge have been successful, mostly at night. Frank Marble beached two at 48 inches and several over 40.  A number of release citations have been recorded by Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle recently. George Kotarides 48 inches, Jonathan Guion 48 inches, Joe Jacobs 47 ½ inches, Joe Jacobs 47 ½ inches, Dee Smith 52 inches, Dee Smith 52 inches, Joe Sudduth 48 inches, Charles G Sudduth III 50 inches, Morgan Stroh 47 inches, Donald Gelinas 49 inches, Abigail Kelley 49 inches, Abigail Kelley 47 inches, Robert Kelley 47 inches, David R. Oden 46 ½ inches, Charles Doriguzzi 48 inches and Ethan Doriguzzi 53 inches.

Ocean Pearl Charters

The spanish mackerel have been larger and plentiful the past couple of weeks. Long Bay Pointe registered several nice ones for Virginia State Citation Awards. Jack Limroth released three at 28, 29 and 30 inches. Alex Gallardo Perez weighed a 5 lb. 11 oz. and a 4 lb. 8 oz. fish. Jack Limroth weighed a 7 lb. and a 4 lb. 14 oz. fish. And Cardelario Gallardo a 4 lb. 5 oz. and a 4 lb. 3 oz. fish.

Paige II Charters

The speckled trout bite is picking in Rudee Inlet, Lynnhaven Inlet, Little Creek Inlet, the James River, Elizabeth River, the Hampton/Poquoson area, areas around the Rappahannock River. Amos H. Chang registered a 24-inch speckled release. Look for Puppy Drum in the same areas.

The Sheepshead are still feeding at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel and on Bay reefs. Evan Rossen weighed a 11 lb. 2 oz. sheepshead last week.

Spot are available from the Rappahannock River to the oceanfront.

Some flounder are being caught on ocean structures.

Lots of seabass are being caught on ocean wrecks.

High Hopes Charters

Offshore boats are finding wahoo, mahi, yellowfin tuna and blue and white marlin.

Deep droppers are catching tilefish. Captain David Wright on the High Hopes has been catching blueline tiles and an occasional tuna or white marlin. The Rudee Tours headboats are targeting black sea bass, triggerfish, flounder and bluefish on their Full-Day Fishing Trips and tilefish on their 17-Hour Deep Drop Trips.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Puppy drum, speckled trout, rockfish and spot are in the local inlets.

Recently Shawn Sawyer and his buddy Jason won the Lynnhaven Puppy Drum Round Up tournament. They caught over 60 redfish and lost some big ones. Their longest fish was 30 inches.

Anglers are encountering large red drum in the Bay schooling on the surface.

Bay cobia are starting to move toward the mouth of the Bay as they prepare to exit. Look for them near the surface, often time swimming under a school of rays. Capture season closes September 15th.

The CBBT is still holding nice sheepshead. Josh Ledoux caught a 11lb. 2 oz. sheepshead, Mike Harrison a 11 lb. 1 oz. and Robert Critcher a 10 lb. 15 oz. fish.

Nice keeper flounders have been caught recently. Captain Craig Paige on the Paige II has been putting his guest on some nice flatties.

Spot are widespread, from the Rappahannock River to the oceanfront. Some yellow bellies are up to 14 inches long.

The marlin bite has been outstanding. Charters have also been catching yellow fin tuna and mahi.

On Saturdays the Rudee Tours headboats are targeting black sea bass, triggerfish, flounder and bluefish on their Full-Day Fishing Trips and tilefish on their 17-Hour Deep Drop Trips.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

spanish mackerel on the OP

Nice Spanish on the Ocean Pearl

Summer is winding down; the kids are back in school and the college football season is here. Anglers are looking forward to cooler temps and lots of migrating fish. We’ll be posting our fishing report twice a month, from now until March, most likely on the 1st and 15th.

Spanish mackerel fishing picked up in the Bay again last week. Crystal clear water and lots of nice size fish jumping. Thomas Herrera earned a state citation for a 28″ fish. He also registered a 43″ jack crevalle release and a 96″ bull shark release.

Good sheepshead fishing is continuing around the pilings of the CBBT. Long Bay Pointe recently weighted a number of nice fish. Matthew Green had a 12 lb. 1 oz., Tom Turley a 10 lb. 4 oz. and Robert Perez a 10 lb. 12 oz.

There’s still plenty of cobia in the Bay and along the oceanfront. Look for them under any large school of rays you spot. The large red drum bite has been steady also. George Spangler registered a 54″ red drum release and a 54″ cobia release. Chris Sadler had a 50″ cobia release, Chadwick Hayes a 52″ cobia release, Erick Simon a 52″ cobia release and Stephen Koffman a 51″ and 60″ cobia release.

The puppy drum bite has been excellent inside many of the inlets and rivers. There’s been a few nice flounder caught. Luke Rhoades weighted a 8 lb. 8 oz. flounder.

Good catches of croaker, bluefish and sea mullet are being had in the bay. The Cell area has been good. Spot action should pick up in the rivers. The big yellow belly run should occur before long.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is reporting small spot, roundhead and an occasional ribbon fish or spanish mackerel.


Swordfish on the High Hopes

Offshore trollers are finding yellowfin tuna, mahi, marlin and swordfish. Deep droppers are catching tilefish. Inshore ocean wrecks are holding seabass and flounder.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Virginia Beach Pier Spadefish

The Spanish mackerel bite picked up between 2nd and 3rd islands of the CBBT last week . Some bluefish were mixed in.

This is king mackerel season along the oceanfront, look for some smokers to show up at the scales.

The Flounder bite is still good on ocean wrecks and has been increasing at the CBBT.

Cobia are starting to exit the Bay. Look for them near channel buoys and along the oceanfront.

The sheepshead are still biting along the CBBT.

Spot number are picking up in the Bay and along the oceanfront.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is seeing spot, roundhead, pompano, rays, spades, small blues, small flounder, and puppy drum. One angler reported seeing a rear manatee swimming close by, pretty neat!

Inlets and bay tributaries are holding speckled trout and puppy drum. The best trout and drum fishing is September through November.

Deep droppers catching tilefish

Deep droppers are catching mostly tilefish. Rudee Tours runs trips, but you need to book early. Their website shows most trips sold out in advance.

The offshore boats are finding yellowfin tuna and wahoo action is picking up. This is peak billfish season, Blues, whites, and sailfish catches are on the rise.  81 Teams fished the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament last week. Cash awards totaling $785,250 were handed out.

Final Standings


1 Seven Jimmy Hardee 700 points
2 Katherine Anne Backlash Davis 630 points
3 Mama C Rob Mahoney 560 points (on time)
4 Bullwinkle Dan Spencer 560 points
5 Builder’s Choice Brent Gaskill 420 points


1-1st Katherine Anne Backlash Davis 490 points
1-2nd Builder’s Choice Brent Gaskill 280 points
2-1st Bullwinkle Dan Spencer 350 points (on time)
2-2nd Seven Jimmy Hardee 350 points
3-1st Seven Jimmy Hardee 350 points
3-2nd Electric Bill Mark McDevitt 280 points


TOP DOLPHIN Tuna Teaser Chance Price 22.5 lbs.
TOP TUNA Cotton Picker Thomas Bennett 74.2 lbs.
TOP WAHOO Evelyn Kennedy Paul Michael 22.8 lbs.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

paige charters catch

Paige II Charters

As the end of summer approaches opportunities continue for local anglers! In fact some of the best fishing of the year happens now!

Spadefish and sheepshead are on Chesapeake Bay structure. Kayakers have been catching lots of large sheepshead around the piling of the CBBT.

This time of year there are nice flounder in the inlets along with some speckled trout, puppy drum and bluefish.

Cobia and big red drum catches remain good.

Look for spanish mackerel to be feeding in Chesapeake Bay tidal rips and along the oceanfront. There should also be some kings inshore. Keep an eye out for cobia, the brown suites are hanging around the same areas.

Croaker, sea mullet and flounder are in Eastern Shore seaside inlets and on the bayside as well. Tarpon should be in their usual Eastern Shore holes.

Croaker are available throughout the lower bay and more small spot are starting to show. Look for spot and croaker sizes to increase as September approaches.

The coastal wrecks are holding flounder, spadefish, triggerfish, sea bass and sandtiger sharks.

Pier and surf anglers are finding sea mullet, pompano, spadefish, small flounder, and a few spanish mackerel. Cobia and red drum are a possibility.

Offshore billfish action is heating up just in time for the local tournament season. The 18th annual  Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament runs August 18 thru 21st out of Rudee inlet.

Rudee Tours Fishing Charters

There should be plenty of amberjack holding on the Chesapeake light tower and south tower. Deep-droppers are finding excellent numbers of both golden and blueline tilefish, along with sea bass. Rudee Tours deep drop fishing has been stellar!  Excellent catch of tilefish and even a surprise silver snapper last week!

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

White Marlin Action On The High Hopes

Offshore billfish action is heating up just in time for the local tournament season. Boats have been catching multiple white marlins and occasional blue marlins. Mahi mahi are being found around inshore seamounts like the hot dog and a few wahoo are being caught along with an occasional tuna. Swordfish are available to those targeting them.

Deep dropping on the Rudee Head Boats remains good for blueline tilefish, black bellied rosefish and golden tilefish. There should be good amberjack action around the south tower.

Sheepshead On The Healthy Grin

There have been excellent catches of sheepshead throughout the lower Chesapeake Bay. The CBBT has been producing a lot citation-sized fish this year.

Spadefish reports are coming mostly from the light tower lately.

Spanish Mackerel catches continue and should continue into September.

The Cobia bite remains outstanding. Look for them around buoys.

There have been big drum caught but this year’s bite hasn’t match past years ….. YET. The season runs through September.

Our rivers and inlets are holding some keeper flounder, puppy drum, trout, and spot.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is reporting spot, roundhead, spades, a few blues and small flounders.

Look for large smoker kings to show up along the ocean front in numbers soon. One was recently caught near the CBBT.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Nice Red on the Healthy Grin

The outstanding fishing continues along the Virginia coast … with a lot of species available.

Large red drum schools are popping up around the CBBT islands and along the coast.

Captain Todd Beck, Knot Wisn’n guide service said the spanish mackerel and bluefish action slowed a bit last week. But ribbonfish are all along the oceanfront in 25 to 50 feet of water.

Anglers continue catching cobia throughout the bay and along the coast. Chumming and using live or cut bait is working well. When fish are spotted near the surface anglers are sight-casting to them.

Paige II Charters, Flounder

Flounder fishing is picking up steam. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, bay and coastal wrecks, artificial reefs and inside Lynnhaven Inlet are good spots.

Look for spadefish around the CBBT islands and navigation buoys. Triggers and spades are hanging around coastal wrecks.

There’s a lot of LARGE sheepshead to be had along the CBBT.

Speckled trout numbers are decent throughout the lower bay and inlets. Connie at Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle said spot, croaker, flounder and puppy drum are biting inside the Lynnhaven Inlet.

Tarpon have shown up on the Eastern Shore in the barrier islands backwaters.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier reported roundhead, blues at the end of the pier and flounder in the surf zone.

High Hopes Charters, tuna and tiles

Our local offshore marlin tournaments should be great! Virginia bluewater action is fantastic right now.  Several crews retuned to Rudee Inlet flying plenty of laundry last week.  White and blue marlin, sailfish, spearfish and swordfish are showing in numbers. Dolphin and tuna are in the mix.

The 2021 White Marlin Open will be held from August 2nd through 6th in Ocean City, Maryland. Then comes the 32nd Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament on August 8. The 38th Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament takes place August 10 – 13 and Awards presentation on the 13th.. After that the tournament actions come to Rudee Inlet. The 17th annual Wine, Women and Fishing ladies-only event Aug. 14-15, followed by the 16th annual Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament on Aug. 18-21.

Offshore deep-droppers are catching limits of tilefish. Amberjacks (wreck donkeys) are at the towers.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

spanish mackerel

Knot Wish’n Guide Service

Our July fishing has been great and it will only get better in August! The question this time of year is which species to target.

Typically, in August huge schools of red drum start surfacing daily in the lower Bay. As long as no one spooks them angers can sight cast them for hours some days.

Cobia are throughout the bay and along the oceanfront, sight casting is the most productive technique now.

Spanish mackerel should increase in numbers and size this month. The fish are scattered along the oceanfront from Sandbridge to Cape Henry, and in the bay all the way up to Reedville.

Ribbonfish are feeding near Cape Henry. Anglers are catching them on diving plugs.

Flounder fishing is good. Fish in the 4-6 pounds range have been caught near the CBBT, the Cell and around wrecks.

Anglers jigging for flounder at the Triangle wrecks are also picking up black sea bass. Long Bay Pointe weighted this nice 7 pounder for Thomas Helfrich.

Spadefish are hanging around the CBBT, many ocean buoys and the Light Tower. Anglers are floating fresh clam morsels to them on small hooks. If they are not aggressively feeding, try putting some chum in the water.


OBX Tarpon

Several tarpon were caught off Outer Banks piers this week. They should also be feeding in Eastern Shore of Virginia backwaters by now.

Angler fishing from the Virginia Beach Fishing pier are catching a few blues, spot and roundhead.

Offshore deep-water bottom fishing is producing good numbers of tilefish.

This is peak blue water trolling season. Yellowfin tuna, dolphin and wahoo are off out coast.

Billfish action has picked up just in time for our local tournaments. The Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament was held over the weekend. Three crews each caught and released four marlins. The winner was decided by “time of catch”. The OUTLIER took first, the MAMA C got second and the FIRST LOOK took third. Top tuna, 53.9 pounds went to FREESTYLE. Top wahoo, 28.3 pounds was caught by the OUTLIER. Top Junior angler went to Colten Fulcher with 3 white marlin releases on the BACKLASH. Top Lady angler went to Denise Hall with 1 blue marlin release on the CAPT CHERYL. Congratulations to all!

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Connie at Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle reports that spanish mackerel are plentiful off Cape Henry. Anglers are slow trolling small spoons behind a planer or inline sinker. King mackerel are a possibility along the oceanfront for those pulling larger spoons, lures or deploying live bait.  And Lynnhaven River anglers are catching flounder, spot, croaker and puppy.

Nice keeper flounder have arrived in the lower Bay. Large flounder are also around seaside wrecks. One of my favorite locations in the Bay is around the concrete ships. Remember when fishing for flounder the general rule is large baits attract large fish.

Bay reefs are holding sheepshead, red drum, black drum, sea bass and tautog.

The coastal wrecks are holding sea bass, triggerfish and amberjack.

Spadefish are feeding around structure. They can be spotted around the CBBT pilings, buoys, over wrecks or near the Light Tower. They like fresh clam strips floated in front of them.

Sheepshead are hanging around bridge pilings and jetties, they prefer small crabs.

Cobia and big red drum are available along the oceanfront and in the lower bay. A favorite place to look for drum is on the Eastern Shore shoals. Anglers are finding cobia throughout the lower bay. Knot Wish’n Guide Service captain Todd Beck says this week some cobia have made their way out of the Bay back to the oceanfront. Check around all the buoys, cobia love to hang close by.

Captain Dave Trax aboard the Oblivion put his crew on the Tuna!


Offshore, tuna continue to be plentiful near the northern canyons. The early bite has been on fire. Boats leaving well before daylight and deploying spreads at dawn have loaded up quickly. Mahi have made their way up from the south and the marlin bite is good.

Deep dropping remains good for blueline tilefish, black bellied rosefish and golden tilefish. There should be good amberjack action around the south tower.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

This is peek fishing season in Virginia! ….. There’s a nice class of spanish mackerel available along the oceanfront, near the CBBT and as far north as the York Spit area. Charter boats are trolling small Drone or Clark spoons behind small planers.  Ocean Pearls Charters has been loading up on their morning and afternoon trips. Kaiden Hall weighed in a 4 lb. 6 oz. spanish mackerel at Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle.

ribbon fish

Mr. Mark Taylor set this trip up on the High Hopes with Captain Wright for their father’s 85th birthday.

Dr Ken Neill said that the ribbonfish are plentiful and spanish mackerel are jumping all over. Taylor blues are mixed in with them. Captain Todd Beck, Knot Wisn’n Guide Service said they’ve had encounters with some big king mackerel but none have come tight.


Dr Ken Neill

Many are returning with spadefish limits. Look for spades around structures … like the Chesapeake Light Tower, ocean and bay buoys and the pilings of the CBBT. Spades fall to fresh clam. Slack tide is best when fishing the CBBT. Float a small piece on a small hook in front of them. Once sighted many anglers like chumming the fish up behind the boat. Some nice sheepshead are being caught along with the spades at the CBBT.

The Cobia bite in the bay remains strong. Most are being caught in chum slicks on live eels. Sighted on the surface cobia will hit just about anything you put in front of them. Live eels, spot, menhaden, mullet, large spoons, white buck tails, plastic eels, swimming plugs or cut bait. Keep a lookout for them around buoys and other structure, like the islands and pilings of the CBBT.

A number of anglers found large schools of red drum this week. Anglers are having success sight casting and bottom fishing. Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle has recorded a slew of release citations the past 2 weeks.


Paige II Charters

Flounder catches are on the increase. Some of the larger fish are being caught jigging bucktails tagged with strip baits or Gulps near the CBBT. Captain Craig Paige, Paige II Charters has been keeping his guest on the flounder.

Virginia Beach Pier and surf anglers are finding puppy drum, bluefish, spanish, flounder, croaker, sea mullet and small spot.


Tilefish of Rudee Tours deep drop trip

Look for seabass on offshore ocean wrecks and reefs. Tilefish are also available in the same areas. There should be plenty of amberjacks around the towers and on offshore structure. The Rudee Tours head boat has a number of 12 and 17 hour trips planned for July and August.

Offshore bluewater anglers are catching plenty of dolphin and tuna. Add to that a few big eye tuna, wahoo and swordfish. Our marlin bite is increasing. Offshore fishing is really good right now!

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Virginia Beach Fishing Report

spanish mackerel

Great morning spanish mackerel trip on the Ocean Pearl. Crew wanted enough fish for a fish fry at a local restaurant. Went to Nick’s with a ton. They left the Spanish biting.

The best spanish mackerel fishing of the season is occurring along the oceanfront and in the lower bay. Trolling Clark and Drone spoons will do the trick.

ribbon fish

Father, son fishing with Captain David, High Hopes Charters

Those pulling larger spoons are catching plenty of ribbonfish.

Areas to our south are having an outstanding king mackerel season. They are catching lots of 40 pounders. Look for them to start showing up in are waters soon.

Cobia action remains excellent. Fish up to 80 lbs have been landed this week. Sight casting is best right now. Shark releases are numerous for those chumming.

Spadefish are around buoys, pilings of the CBBT and the Chesapeake Light Tower.


Sheepsheads are hanging around structure.

Big red drum are throughout the lower Bay.


Captain Craig Paige, Paige II Charters putting his crew on some nice flounder

Flounder catches are on the rise. Look for them along the CBBT, around inshore wrecks and artificial reefs throughout the lower bay and along the coast. Coastal wrecks are holding larger flounder and sea bass, bluefish, amberjacks and triggerfish.

Pier and surf anglers are finding puppy drum, bluefish, spanish, flounder, croaker, sea mullet and small spot.

Those fishing the canyons are returning with tilefish, big eye tuna, yellowfin tuna, dolphin and wahoo.

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Virginia Beach Fishing Rundown

The Virginia Beach Tuna tournament took place this weekend and the fishing was awesome! 102 boats entered the three-day event. They were allowed to fish one day out of three, captain’s choice. A lot a nice tuna were weighed in.

The crew onboard the Piped Piper landed the largest tuna at 206.9 pounds. The crew onboard the Mega Byte won first place overall with a total catch of 282.3 pounds. Pied Piper took second at 278.3 pounds and Sea Trader finished third with 182.6 pounds.

The crew on Hana Hou won the dolphin category at 22.7 pounds. Lady angler went to Wendy Brockenbrough, 67.6 pounds and Lila Wheeler won Junior Angler at 35.7 pounds. Congratulations to all. You can see the complete standing on their website.




Aquaman Charters Nice Tilefish

Deep droppers fishing the canyon are catching nice tilefish and black sea bass

Inshore, VBSF sponsor Captain Chris Howlin on the “Game On” reports spadefish numbers dropped in ocean waters, but as water warms they are thickening up inside the Bay. Look for them around the islands and piling of the CBBT. Along with spadefish there are some good-sized sheepshead being caught around CBBT structure.

spanish mackerel

Dwayne King and crew fishing on the High Hopes

Captain Todd Beck, Knot Wish’n Charters said there’s plenty of spanish mackerel along the oceanfront and now ribbonfish are in the mix. Captain David Wright on High Hopes Charters has been picking up spanish along Sandbridge. Look for spanish to also be available in the lower bay along tide rips.

Cobia are being caught inside the Bay. Anglers are chumming or sight casting using live eels or bucktails for bait.

Large red drum should be on the eastern shore shoals and around the islands of the CBBT, but reports are slow. It’s only a matter of time though.

Flounder action is picking up at the CBBT, The Cabbage Patch, Bluefish Rock, and Back River Reef.

red drum

Amy Eanes with a 27 inch Red Drum!

Virginia Beach Pier anglers are catching a few nice puppy drum, spot, sheepshead, sea mullet, spanish mackerel and an occasional cobia. Amy Eanes from Danville, VA caught a nice puppy drum Sunday. Congratulations!

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Virginia Beach Late June Fishing Report

red drum

High Hopes Charters

Red drum and cobia are scattered along the oceanfront and in the lower Bay.  Our cobia capture season opened June 15th. Look for them from the oceanfront to the Rappahannock River.  Watch the surface around structure, over wrecks, around buoys, piers, pilings or rocks. Chumming while anchored will draw them near your boat. Bucktails and live eels are among the best bait.

Schools of red drum are in the same areas. The High Hopes crew on the 19th of June spotted a school of red drum on the surface and quickly tossed a bucktail attached to their Penn Battle111 combo and Eugene (above) will be receiving a beautiful Virginia Citation for his release!

spanish mackerel

Knot Wish’n Charters

Captain Todd Beck, Knot Wish’n Charters said, “Spanish Mackerel fishing in the ocean was really good last week until a southwest wind turned the water cold. It’s going to blow the next several days and I am optimistic that after that passes the fishing will be good again.” …. Spanish mackerel are in the Bay up to York Spit and Windmill Bar. You’ll want to troll fast with small Clark or Drone spoons behind in-line sinkers or diving planers. Tide rips are a good place to checkout.


Aquaman Charters

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel structure, Bay and ocean buoys and the Chesapeake Light Tower are holding spadefish. Sheepshead are feeding on the CBBT pilings.

The offshore wrecks are holding bluefish, flounder and sea bass.

Anglers fishing the inlets and rivers are finding some speckled trout, puppy drum, flounder, and sea mullet.

Pier anglers are catching a mix of sea mullet, croaker, spot, puppy drum, flounder, cobia and spanish mackerel.

Offshore at the canyon there’s some excellent yellowfin tuna fishing. Boats are starting to catch marlin, wahoo and dolphin.


Coastal Fiberglass Crew

Craig Bosmans owner of Coastal Fiberglass celebrated his birthday with the family. They slept on their boat,  then left out of Rudee at 3:30am. Fishing about 70 miles offshore they picked up 7 tuna. Everyone pitched in, Nicole, Peyton, Miles and Noah. Congratulations!

Deep droppers fishing the canyons are retuning with boxes full of tilefish and sea bass. Rudee Tours is running up to 70 mile, 17-hour offshore trips in search of tilefish, black sea bass, blackbelly rosefish, and more. They run a variety of shorter trips inshore and offshore.

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Mid June Virginia Beach Fishing Report


Paige II Charters

Water temp along the oceanfront and in the lower Bay jumped to 75 degrees this week. With it came a nice spanish mackerel bite.

Spanish are along the oceanfront and spanish and spadefish are at the Chesapeake Light tower. Captain Todd and Jake Beck, Knot Wish’n Charters kept their guest happy with some nice Spanish and Captain Craig Paige on Page II Charters has been catching a lot of spadefish.


Stan Simmerman

Red drum and cobia are scattered in the lower bay. The cobia capture season doesn’t start until June 15th, but catch and release is fine now and you can earn a release citation for cobia 50 inches or greater. Dr. Ken Neill and Stan Simmerman did some chumming this week and released four and missed a few more.

Sheepshead are being caught around the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel.

Flounder, puppy drum and small spot and croaker are in the inlets.

Anglers fishing live bait at night under the Lessner Bridge are catching stripers.

Virginia Beach pier anglers are picking up spot, puppy drum, whiting, flounder, spanish mackerel and cobia.

tuna tilefish

High Hopes Charters

Big eye, yellowfin and bluefin tuna made a good showing off Virginia Beach this week. I received one report of a nice bite 15 miles east of Norfolk canyon. A few mahi were also landed. Boats departing Oregon Inlet are also returning with lots of tuna, so the bite is pretty wide spread. Above, Captain David Wright on the High Hopes picked up a nice big eye and some tilefish. Aquaman Charters has been catching tuna and tilefish on their offshore trips.


Tuna  Caught with Aquaman Charters

Rudee Tours is running up to 70 mile, 17-hour offshore trips in search of tilefish, black sea bass, blackbelly rosefish, and more. They run a variety of shorter trips inshore and offshore.

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