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Choosing The Right Fishing Charter

If you are planning to go fishing in Virginia Beach, you might be wondering what kind of boat to choose for your trip. There are different types of charter boats available, depending on your budget, preferences and fishing goals. Here is a brief overview of the main options and how can help you find the best one for you.

Private charter boats are ideal for anglers who want a customized and exclusive fishing experience. You can book a private charter boat for yourself and up to five other guests, and enjoy a full or half day of fishing inshore or offshore. Private charter boats are equipped with professional gear, bait and tackle, and have experienced captains and crews who know the best spots and techniques for catching various fish species. You can choose between different sizes and styles of private charter boats, from 50 foot sportfishermen that can handle big game fish like marlin and tuna, to mid-sized Chesapeake Bay crafts that can target stripers, flounder and cobia, to small custom guide boats that can access shallow waters and offer fly-fishing opportunities. has a list of reputable private charter boat operators in Virginia Beach, with detailed information about their rates, services and availability.

Guide services are another option for anglers who want a personalized and hands-on fishing adventure. Guide services specialize in small groups, usually one to three anglers, and offer a variety of fishing techniques and locations. You can learn from your guide how to rig your bait, handle your rod and reel, and land your fish. You can also request specific fishing methods, such as fly-fishing or light tackle fishing. Guide services are mostly inshore, but some also offer offshore trips. You can catch fish like trout, drum, spadefish and sharks inshore, or tilefish, grouper and seabass offshore. has a directory of qualified guide services in Virginia Beach, with their contact information, specialties and reviews.

Head boats are a great option for anglers who want a fun and affordable fishing trip with other fishermen. Head boats, also known as party boats, take 30 to 60 anglers on a bottom or drift fishing trip that lasts from a half day to a whole day. You pay per angler, and you don’t need to make reservations in advance. Head boats provide everything you need for fishing, including bait, tackle, gaffs and assistance. You can catch fish like croaker, spot, bluefish and Spanish mackerel on a head boat trip. has a selection of reliable head boat operators in Virginia Beach, with their schedules, prices and directions.

As you can see, there is a charter boat for every angler in Virginia Beach. Whether you want a private charter boat, a guide service or a head boat, can help you find the right one for you. Visit today and start planning your fishing trip of a lifetime!

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