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VMRC Fishing Guide

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission has provided an online Virginia Saltwater Anglers Guide. The Guide has been divided into individual sections to increase download speeds. It’s an excellent resource for local anglers.

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission works with recreational and commercial anglers to maintain healthy, self-sustaining populations of all Virginia coastal fish species. VBSF supports their efforts!

Virginia’s Marine Waters and Fisheries

A Guide to Virginia’s Saltwater Fish

How, When and Where to Catch

Virginia’s Public Boat Launching Facilities

The Modern Angler – Angling Ethics

Virginia’s Artificial Reef Program

Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

Fisheries Management

Enforcement and the Virginia Marine Police

Virginia’s Saltwater Recreational Fishing License

Saltwater Fishing – Where to Begin

Fish Identification Guide

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VBSF Supports Ethical Angling

Learn and obey the rules From time-to-time regulations change, so it is important to keep updated. Know your fish Become familiar with species commonly caught in Virginia / North Carolina waters so that regulations can be properly applied. Practice catch-and-release Don’t take up to your bag limit of fish just because it is legal …