NOAA FISHERIES NEWS: Recreational Tilefish Permitting and Reporting Requirements

News Release: If you own or operate a private recreational vessel and target blueline or golden tilefish from Virginia northward, you must have a private recreational tilefish permit and submit a trip report within 24 hours of completing a trip (even if HMS species were also targeted). These requirements extend to for-hire or commercial vessels when fishing in a private recreational capacity.

In summary:

Recreational Tilefish Permit: Private recreational vessel owners targeting blueline or golden tilefish from Virginia northward must have a permit.

Reporting Requirements: A trip report must be submitted within 24 hours of completing a fishing trip, detailing the number of anglers, time spent fishing, and tilefish count.

Permit Application: Permits can be obtained through the NOAA Fisheries’ Fish Online website.

Learn More: Additional information is available on the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s website regarding tilefish permitting and reporting.

This bulletin from NOAA Fisheries outlines the necessary steps and requirements for recreational tilefish fishing in the specified region.


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