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Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament Results


21 boats fished the Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament. 109 billfish were released. 15 blue marlin, 87 white marlin and 7 spearfish.


1st place tuna- 70.5 pounds caught by Luke Cromwell on Reelin N Dealin

1st place dolphin-38.0 pounds caught by Jack Lewis on TippecanoeTop

Junior meat fish angler- 57.0 pound tuna caught by Reef Simmons (age 8) on Rare Breed (he also caught his first white marlin this weekend)

Top Junior billfish angler- 1 blue marlin (his first blue marlin) and 1 white marlin caught by A.J. Marchigiani (age 10) on Sandman

Top Lady angler- 3 white marlin caught by Wendy Brockenbrough on Sea Trader

Day 1 daily- Short Rigger (1 blue and 4 whites)
Day 2 daily- Skiligal (1 blue and 5 whites)
Day 3 daily- Evelyn Kennedy (7 whites)

3rd Place overall- “Anticipation” (1 blue and 7 whites)
2nd Place overall- “Free Style” (2 blues and 7 whites)


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World Class Red Drum Fishing, plus Cobia, Flounder and More

There’s world class fishing taking place in our backyard! ….. Huge schools of red drum have been surfacing daily in the lower Bay. As long as no one spooks them angers can sight cast them  ….. for an hour at a time some days.

Cobia are throughout the bay. Sight casting is the most productive technic now.

Spanish mackerel schools are still thick and the fish are large. Anglers are trolling Drone and Clark spoons behind line sinkers or planers. The fish are scattered along the oceanfront from Sandbridge to Cape Henry, and in the bay all the way up to Reedville.

Ribbonfish are feeding near Cape Henry. Anglers are catching them on diving plugs. So you’ve never caught a ribbonfish? They have a striking appearance. Their tiny scales are bright silver, almost reflective. They have yellow eyes and a long mouth filled with sharp teeth. They are often caught by recreational anglers on piers and in the surf of the Southeast. Ribbonfish are a prized food fish in Japan, but have yet to be widely embraced by American eaters. The flesh is between flounder and sea trout – mild with a hint of briny, ocean flavor. The texture is delicate, with white, flaky meat. Cooking methods listed online include poaching, baking, steaming, sautéeing or deep-frying.

Paige II Charters

Flounder fishing is good. Fish in the 4-6 pounds range have been caught near the CBBT, the Cell and around wrecks.

Spadefish are hanging around the CBBT, many ocean buoys and the Light Tower. Anglers are floating fresh clam morsels to them on small hooks. If they are not aggressively feeding, try putting some chum in the water.

Ocean structures are holding flounder, spadefish, and seabass. The deeper wrecks hold seabass, tilefish and grouper. Amberjack are around the towers.

The charter boats are bringing in yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, big eye tuna, and mahi. White marlin releases are on the rise.

The Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament is being held this week. Six boats fish day one and nine marlin were released. Short Rigger released a blue and 4 whites, Anticipation released a white, Sea Trader released a white, Bill Collector released a white, and Desperado released a white. All 22 boats are planning to fish day two.

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Great Summertime Fishing Season Continues

Ocean Pearl Charters

Just when you thought spanish mackerel fishing couldn’t get any better, along come reports of 30 to 35 inch whoppers! There has to be a new state record swimming around out there! Drone or Clark spoons pulled behind a planer or an in-line sinker will do the trick. Watch for breaking fish under birds ,work tidelines and shoal edges.

Cobia action is still very good and should continue through the summer. Live eels and live croaker are the best baits now. Try chumming in areas where fish are know to hang out. Look for them near ocean and bay buoys and along the CBBT.

Knot Wish’n Charters

Big schools of red drum are still popping up. If you can’t find fish to sight cast try anchoring and chumming near shoals.

Spadefish are around structure and fall for pieces of clam. Once they are spotted chumming can draw them off the structure and keep them near the boat.

Ocean Pearl Charters

Good reports of flounder are coming from the CBBT area, the Cell and all the artificial reefs.

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is reporting spanish, blues, flounders and small roundheads.

Boats deep dropping on shallow ocean wreck are catching flounder and Sea bass. Deeper wrecks are holding sea bass and tilefish.

Offshore bluewater anglers are catching yellowfin tuna, big eye tuna, dolphin, wahoo and swordfish.


112 pound wahoo caught on the Point Runner!

Surf fishing is a little slow, a few croaker, spanish and bluefish were reported on Hatteras Island and pompano, croaker and spanish and a few trout on the northern beaches.

The pier reports are, Avalon, slow. Nags Head, mullet, bluefish and spot. Jennette’s, black sea bass, pinfish and spot. Outer Banks, spot, croaker, sea mullet and gray trout. Sound side on the the Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway, trout and spot.

Inshore Boats reported spanish, bluefish and ribbonfish. Inlet boats caught ribbonfish, spanish, trout and bluefish.

Offshore boats are catching yellowfin, blackfin, dolphin, wahoo and a few billfish.

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Excellent Fishing Continues

Ocean Pearl Charters!

A nice class of spanish mackerel continues to be available along the ocean front, near the CBBT and as far north as the York Spit area. Taylor blues are mixed in with them. Charter boats are trolling small Drone or Clark spoons behind small planers. With so many large mackerel around the Virginia State record of 9 pounds, 13 ounces could be in jeopardy!

Key Dreams Charters!

Many are returning with both spanish and spadefish limits. Look for spades around structures … like the Chesapeake Light Tower, ocean and bay buoys and the pilings of the CBBT. Spades fall to fresh clam. Float a small piece on a small hook in front of them. Once sighted many anglers like chumming the fish up behind the boat.

The Cobia bite in the bay remains strong. Most are being caught in chum slicks on live eels. Sighted on the surface cobia will hit just about anything you put in front of them. Live eels, spot, menhaden, mullet, large spoons, white buck tails, plastic eels, swimming plugs or cut bait. Keep a lookout for them around buoys and other structure, like the islands and pylons of the CBBT.

Luke Mooney … Nice Red!

A number of anglers found large schools of red drum this week. Anglers are having success sight casting and bottom fishing.

Paige II Charters

Flounder catches are on the increase. Some of the larger fish are being caught jigging bucktails tagged with strip baits or Gulps near the CBBT.

Virginia Beach Pier and surf anglers are finding bluefish, spanish, flounder, croaker, sea mullet and small spot.

Look for seabass on offshore ocean wrecks and reefs. Tilefish are also available in the same areas.  There should be plenty of amberjacks around the towers and on offshore structure. The Rudee Angler head boat has a number of 12 and 17 hour trips planned for July and August.

Nice Mahi on the Healthy Grin!

Offshore bluewater anglers are catching plenty of dolphin and tuna. Add to that a few big eye tuna, wahoo and swordfish. Our marlin bite is increasing. Offshore fishing is really good right now!


Surf anglers on Hatteras Island are catching a few spanish, sea mullet and pompano. Those fishing the northern beaches in Kitty Hawk and Nags Head are catching spanish, bluefish and sea mullet.

The pier rundown;  Avalon: spanish and blues, Nags Head: spanish, blues and trout, Jennette’s: bluefish, pompano, triggers and spades. Outer Banks: bluefish and spanish. Anglers fishing the Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway are catching small trout,  black drum and spot.

Inshore boats are catching lots of spanish and bluefish along with a few kings. On the soundside they are finding trout, sheepshead and red drum.

Offshore in the bluewater anglers are finding lots of yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, wahoo and dolphin. Each day there are a number of blue and white marlin releases.

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Bluewater Action Picking Up

Virginia Beach’s offshore bluewater action is getting better by the day, it should peak in July and August. Boats are catching white marlin; yellowfin tuna, wahoo and gaffer dolphin. Blue marlin encounters will increase this month and peak … just in time for the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament August 21st-24th. White marlin action usually continues into September. Deep droppers are still catching plenty of tilefish and sea bass.

The best spanish mackerel fishing in years continues along the oceanfront and in the lower bay.

Cobia action remains excellent. Most are falling to live bait fished in chum slicks.

Spadefish are around buoys, pylons of the CBBT and the Chesapeake Light Tower.

Sheepsheads are hanging around structure.

Big red drum are still plentiful throughout the lower Bay.

Flounder catches are on the rise. Look for them along the CBBT, around inshore wrecks and artificial reefs throughout the lower bay and along the coast.

Coastal wrecks are holding bluefish, amberjacks and triggerfish.

Pier and surf anglers are finding bluefish, spanish, flounder, croaker, sea mullet and small spot.


Surf anglers in Hatteras are catching pompano, sea mullet and spanish. Those fishing the Kitty Hawk, Nags Head area are catching a few croaker, spot and sea mullet.

The pier rundown is, Avalon: bluefish, small flounder, sea mullet, pompano and trout. Nags Head: mullet, spot, flounder, trout and blues. Jennette’s: sea mullet, spot, trigger fish, sheepshead, blues and pompano. Outer Banks: spot, sea mullet and blues. The Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway trout, spot and black drum.

Boats fishing near shore are picking up sea bass, triggers, kings, spanish and bluefish. Those fishing the sound are catching sea mullet, croaker, flounder, sheepshead and trout.

Offshore in the bluewater they’re finding yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dolphin. There are some bigeye tuna and blue and white marlin available.

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