Dr. Ken Neill Report

Wes Blow and I left my house dark and early this morning. We were met by a very bright UFO which turned out to be a Space X rocket launch.

Beautiful ride to the wreck and things started out fine. I caught 3 tog and a sheepshead while Wes caught some sea bass and an oyster toad. I did not say a thing, which those that have togged with me may not believe. No, “that’s OK, I’ll catch your limit for you“, or, “are you ever going to put a fish in the box?“. I’ve fished with Wes enough to save that stuff to the end. Good thing as his first tog of the day turned out to be our biggest, 13.5 pounds. My biggest, we did not even take a photo of, was maybe 8 pounds.

Really nice ride back in until we hit some chop in the bay.


Dr. Ken Neill, III
IGFA Representative
Past-President, Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman’s Association, Inc.
Associate Commissioner Virginia Marine Resources Commission
Commissioner Potomac River Fisheries Commission

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