NEW IGFA Alltackle World Record

By Dr. Julie Ball fishing report contributor and IGFA Representative, Virginia Beach

NEW IGFA All Tackle World Record
Alfonsino (Beryx decadactylus)
8lbs 5oz

world record Alfonsino (Beryx decadactylus)

Alfonsino (Beryx decadactylus)

I had the pleasure of notifying Kevin Wong of his newly approved initial IGFA All Tackle World Record today. I’m sure he is now sighing with relief since his record, originally submitted as a Darwin’s Slimehead, was resubmitted as an exotic Alfonsino. “A what?”, is the question I hear from most who ask about the record. Yes, it may be strange looking, and not well known, but to Kevin it is his first world record. And to the World, it is the first Alfonsino world record ever recorded. In addition, Virginia gains yet another World Record.

Kevin caught the fish near the Norfolk Canyon off Virginia Beach on 10 October 2010 aboard the Wave Runner, captained by Michael Meredith

Congratulations to Kevin, captain, and crew on an incredible catch.

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