Virginia Beach Fishing Rundown

Virginia’s fall speckled trout season is in full swing. Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle has been weighing in some nice 5 to 6 pounders. The specks are holding in all the usual hot spots. Look for them inside Rudee Inlet, Lynnhaven Inlet, Little Creek Inlet, in eastern shore bayside creeks, on the Poquoson Flats and in the York and Elizabeth Rivers. They are feeding on shrimp and minnows near marshes. Shrimp hooked under a popping cork, jigs, plugs and topwater baits are all productive.

Puppy drum are in the same areas and hitting the same baits. A few large red drum are still hanging around in the lower Bay. Anglers fishing Sandbridge, near the wildlife refuge are landing them in the surf.

Sheepshead, tautog and flounder are available inside the Bay.

Lots of school-sized striped bass are available around lighted bridged and piers.

Offshore bottom fishing continues to produce seabass in good numbers and a few large flounder, some bluefish, black drum and triggerfish.

Offshore trollers are picking up some nice tuna and a few wahoo. Many are successfully targeting swordfish and tilefish.

Congrats to the crew of the Relentless for catching a rear Opah Fish. This is one of the first opah caught recreationally in our area.

VBSF Contributors

The Rudee Head Boats are now focusing their effort on offshore trips. Their full-day and 12 hour trips have been loading up!  Anglers are catching limits of black sea bass with many citation fish in the mix. Also big bluefish, triggerfish and 10 to 12 flounder each trip.


Captains Todd and Jake Beck with Knot Wishn Guide Service are finding plenty of trout inside Rudee Inlet. Lots of short fish, with a number of keepers mixed in.

Dr Ken Neill fished the Triangle Reef. While jigging for sea bass he caught a half-dozen big black drum, a bunch of small bluefish and a handful of nice triggerfish. He kept a limit of big sea bass. He finished the weekend on the artificial reefs inside the bay where he caught little sea bass, more small bluefish, pufferfish, pigfish and a good number of tautog that he tagged and released.

Captain David Wright on the High Hopes is focusing on half-day trips now.

Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle continues to weight in lots of citation fish!

Joshua Caples 46″ Red Drum Release 11/8/20
Antony Nahitchevansky 4 lb. 4 oz Grey Triggerfish 11/7/20
Stephen Gasecki 107 nlb. Swordfish 11/7/20
Bill Susewind 24″ Speckled Trout Release 11/6/20
Brian Hostetter 24 1/4″ Speckled Trout Release 11/6/20
Kelly Hoggard 4 lb. 8 oz. Grey Triggerfish 11/5/20
Michael Jones 5 lb. 2 oz. Speckled Trout 11/5/20
W. Casey Copeland 5 lb. 4 oz. 24 1/2″ Speckled Trout 11/5/20
Andrew J. Reid 25″ and 24 3/4″ Speckled Trout Releases (2) 11/5/20
Mike Firestone 24″ Speckled Trout Release 11/5/20
Ronnie Williams 39 Lb. Wahoo 11/4/20
Devin King 65 Lb. Wahoo 11/4/20
Sunny Caraco White Marlin Release 11/4/20
David Oden 25″ Speckled Trout Release 11/4/20
Cashin Prutsman 5 Lb. 6 oz. Speckled Trout (weigh citation but fish was released) 11/4/20
Matthew Venner 6 Lb. 2 oz. Speckled Trout 11/3/20
Matt Masciangelo 25 1/2″ and 24″ Speckled Trout Releases (two fish) 11/3/20
Mike Firestone 24″ Speckled Trout Release 11/1/20
Cashin Prutsman 26″ Speckled Trout Release 10/27/20

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