Peninsula Saltwater Sport Fisherman Weekly


By Dr. Ken Neill III, Seaford VA

Hamish-Small-1st-Place-TrigPersistently windy weather has really put a damper on fishing activity. When it is fishable, our options are limited. Tautog are biting on the coastal wrecks. Deep-dropping will produce good catches of blueline tilefish and other critters of the deep. All of the sea bass that you catch while targeting tautog and blueline tilefish must be thrown back overboard. Striped bass and bluefin tuna have been a complete no-show so far. There are still some speckled trout being caught in the Elizabeth River. When boats can get out of Hatteras, blackfin tuna jigging is good. Your best bet for some local fishing action may be to leave the salt and head up the James River for some big blue catfish.

The VSWFT Awards for 2014 were given out. Two of the species awards were caught on the Healthy Grin. Stan Simmerman caught the largest wahoo in Virginia in 2014. Dr. Hamish Small caught the largest gray triggerfish in the state. These make a total of 14 annual species awards won on the Healthy Grin.

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