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Jim Baugh’s Hooked – Where Are The Fish?

By Jim Baugh
VBSF Contributor, Host of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Where are the fish??

You know, this is a question I get ask a lot and believe me a lot of captains have a lot better answers than me. Call me lazy, but at my age I don’t like to work at catching fish all that much. That may send a chill down a lot of anglers spine, but after fishing 45 out of 50 years of my life, I really do just like catching fish. Not catching is ok as well, but all in all with the price of fuel and everything else, if I am going fishing I like to go get them, clean them and cook them without a lot of fuss and expense.

I can’t tell you how many times people have come up to me and said, “Jim, the fishing sucks man, it has been down for the last two or three years, what do you think is going on?”

My reply during this time of year which is hot as blue blazes is,

“Well, what have you been trying?”

“Well Jim, the flounder bite is off, the offshore bite is not there, the spade fish are light at the tower, and all we are doing is burning fuel that we don’t have the money for.”

“Ok, lets see, here is my advice. First, the Flounder. I can’t help you there that much because I suck at Flounder fishing, as for keepers. If you are fishing in the dead of summer, good luck. Try deep dropping around the tunnel in the rocks with live bat and maybe at night and certainly when the tide is running.

Next, offshore. Either they are there, or not. Get reports before you waste your time and fuel and if they are not there, do what I do. Go to Hatteras, the bite is usually good this time of year.

Next, Spade fish. Boy here is a good tip. Forget the tower, but fish around it. We filmed all the redbirds being sunk and the divers say spade fish are all over those things. Try them. You will be glad you did. I will post my own red bird numbers over on the “HOOKED” web site. If you like the numbers, you can buy my book for laughs. There are a lot of them in there for sure. Here is the link.

Ok, now lastly, I get so tired of anglers wineing and complaining over and over again, “I can’t catch any fish, I can’t catch any fish.”
Always my first comment is this,

“Have you tried bottom fishing the 70 foot hole at the M&M Tunnel on a swift tide on either side of the bridge?”

“Why, no Jim, why would we, nobody talks about that much.”

“Just do it, and do it this week.”

Then, a couple of weeks pass and I run into the fellow.

“Hi Jim, got any fishing tips, we cant catch crap out there right now.”

“Well, did you try the M & M Tunnel like I told you to the last time I saw you?”

“Why, no Jim, we have not, but do you have any tips about where we can catch any fish?”

“Let’s see, have you ever heard of the 70 foot hole at the M & M Tunnel??”

“Ahhhhhhh, yeah Jim, but we just don’t see the romance in it.”

Ok all you readers out there, I think you get my drift. There are fish out there and they all need some jewelry in their lips if you know what I mean. Go HOOKUM!!!

Have fun and stay cool. Here is a great recipe you folks have to try, and try it soon!

Jim’s Summer Time Seafood Platter

I will admit, I do go to the seafood market to get some of these items. The flounder fisherman out there that are WAY better than me have their own fresh filets in the freezer, I have to usually purchase mine. However whatever you can put in fresh in this dish, go for it. The fresher the better, always.

This without a doubt is one of the best seafood platters you will ever try, and it is SOOOOOOOOOOO Easy to make.

You will need:

Fresh Flounder
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Large Shrimp
Fresh Large Scallops
Homemade Chicken or Turkey stock or both
Wild Rice
Fresh Herbs, Garlic, Bay, Chives, Parsley
Cajun kickin Seasoning-Your fav.
White wine.
Honey Butter (home made)

First, you will need the smaller individual cast iron skillet. I bought mine at Wall Mart. Cook your rice 3\4 the way using stock instead of water. I have used lobster and crab stock and that is good as well.

Then, using a small cup, round off the cup with rice and place in the middle of each skillet. Next, place a thick Flounder filet on top of the Flounder. Then surround the pile of fish with scallops and shrimp.

Season with your herbs and very light on the Cajun seasoning, just a little for a kick. Add your honey butter pats around the skillet as well as your garlic. You can pre roast your garlic, I have done this and adds a nice flavor.

Lastly, pour 1 cup of wine into the skillet, then cook the skillet in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350. Then broil off the last two minutes.

Easy seafood platter, fast to do, and really, really good!

This is a great summer seafood platter that is sure to be everyone’s favorite. Try it this weekend!!

If you are looking for a good book to read after dinner while you have your feet in the sand, check out my new book, “HOOKED”. It is one fun summer read for sure.

Also join us August 18th for the first official “HOOKED” book signing at Victorian Station in Hampton. We will have live music and food and beverage specials. Just go to the hooked web site and look under book signings for more info. If you would like a “HOOKED” book signing at your place of business, just e mail me at the address below

Bon Appétit, Bon Vioge and Tight Lines!




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