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VBSF News Flash

Dr. Bob Allen

Sport Fishing Magazine will be presenting “Making A Difference” awards to individuals who have gone out of their way to make a positive difference in saltwater recreational fishing. Five individuals will be selected to receive these awards in 2011. Some will be chosen by a panel of judges and others through voting by the sport fishing public. Local angler Dr. Bob Allen is among those that have been nominated to be considered for these awards.

Dr. Allen has long been a vocal representative for Virginia’s recreational anglers. He is always at the Virginia Marine Resource Commission championing the causes of recreational fishermen. His efforts finally got recreational anglers equal representation at this commission long dominated by commercial interest. He is well known to Virginia’s General Assembly and is often consulted when legislation concerning the marine environment is being considered. To help Virginia’s anglers to have a stronger political voice, Dr. Allen organized the Virginia Council of Angling Clubs which most of Virginia’s angling clubs have joined. This group keeps anglers better informed about legislation and fishery management issues and helps anglers respond in a strong manner.

To see all of the nominees, visit:

The last of this season’s rockfish tournaments has concluded. Daddy’s Dream won the Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Shootout with a 3-fish stringer of 111.7 pounds,

Though the tournaments are over the fishing is not. Boats are running into rockfish from just south of Rudee Inlet all the way down to Oregon Inlet. It just depends on the day how far south you need to be to find the fish. Most action is occurring in North Carolina waters so make sure that you have both Virginia and North Carolina fishing licenses. Fish larger than the current North Carolina record have been caught recently with the latest being a 64-pound rockfish caught on the “Poacher”.

Speckled trout action remains very good in the Elizabeth River. There will be a speckled trout tournament in the Elizabeth this weekend: .

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