Mar 23 2013

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Bluefin, Bluefin, Giant Bluefin Tuna off the Carolina Coast!

By T.H. Spangler


Fishing aboard the Sea Breeze with Captain Ned Ashby!

VBSF Staff – The bluefish off the Outer Banks are swimming for their lives these days! The “Wicked Tuna” are having their way with them. They ball up … and then the big boys pick them off one by one.

Anglers casting into the may-lay are hooking up instantly! … What a sight to see! The giant fish are ranging from 200 pounds to over 600. Globe trotting anglers are arriving from around the world, Russia, Japan, Europe, to get in on the incredible action.

Captain Rom Whitaker on The Release said the fish are popping up from the 400 to the 650, in 100 fathoms.

Boats are releasing multiple fish while landing their one daily fish under 73 inches. Currently recreational vessels are allowed to keep one giant bluefin tuna per year. This has resulted in some tuna returning to the dock at over 600 pounds.

If you want to do battle with a “World Class” giant fish on stand up tackle …. right in your own backyard …. get out there soon as they will not hang around for long.

PICTURES: http://vbsf.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=27599


Until we meet again …. Tight-lines to all !


(Source: First hand reports from our sponsors, forum members and numerous Facebook postings)

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