Mar 14 2011

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North Carolina Bluefin Report – March 14, 2011

By Captain Don Malkowski
VBSF.net fishing report contributor and founder of the Get Reel Lure Co.

East Of The Towers Out To The Canyons

After one of the snowiest and coldest winters on record for the East coast, we’ve now washed the salt off our vehicles, the ice has melted from the bow rails, and snow is gone from the boat ramps. So, what are we to do now? Fish!! And as if we planned it this way, the fish are here!

Giant Bluefin Possible North Carolina State Record. The current State record is 744 lbs. Corey Schultz's weighed in at an astounding 805lbs 8ozs.

Bluefin are snapping off the Outer Banks. When the winds are calm enough for crews to push through the inlets, they’re finding nice schools of Bluefin. Fish are ranging from 100 to over 200 pounds. ‘Still Think’n’ and her crew hit the grounds off Hatteras last week and came home with a 110 pounder. They followed up that work with a 176 pound beast this weekend out of Oregon Inlet. Capt ‘Tiki’ Bob on ‘FinSeeker’ put his charter on a Bluefin that scaled at 220 pounds. Hatteras Harbor Marina, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and Pirate’s Cove Marina are all reporting great catches of tuna.

The big news that hit the wire was the landing of a true giant of a tuna by Corey Schultz. He battled a monster and won. When the fish was hung on the gallows and weighed, the scale tipped at 805 pounds and 8 ounces, a potential new North Carolina State record. Can you imagine the hole in the ocean this bus caused when it took the bait!??!

Now these are only the fish that are coming home with the crews. Anglers are also recording great numbers of fish being released to fight again. Some boats are scratching a couple of fish to near double digit releases. Fish are being taken on both the troll and on the jig.

Now as the days get longer, and hopefully warmer, it won’t be long now before the Bluefin are joined by their smaller Yellowfin cousins. So keep tuning that gear and praying to the wind gods to cooperate because it’s time to get out there and…Catch ‘em up!! Make everyday a Blue Marlin Day!

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